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Creating Reports

Creating reports is one of the main features of the web platform. With this, organizations and businesses can easily track back the trips made by the vehicle, stops, geofence visits, events, engine hours, fuel volume, speed violation, tasks report and much more.

Before attempting to create a report, please make sure you have Logged In to your account. Please follow this video:… Once you are Logged in, click on REPORTS, at the top left click on CREATE REPORT, we have a predefined a list of reports which you can choose from. Once you have selected the type of report you need, next select the devices you want to get the reports for, you can select individual cars or select a group of cars. After that click on the dates and select a time period of your choice, to the left of the date section, our system allows you to select a week or month or day. Then click on OK to confirm the dates. You are almost done, Now click on BUILD REPORT, our system will build the report and then you can either click on the report to view it on our platform or download it as a PDF or XLS file. Note that the PDF file is clickable.


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