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Introduction to ZOOMED Platforms

ZOOMED As you might already know is a car security system which goes beyond just car tracking and security. Getting a ZOOMED device gives you complete control of your car even when you are out of town or the country. With just a single SMS, you can know your car’s location, current speed at which the car is running, fuel level, immobilize your car, and much more…

We noticed that sending an SMS to all the cars in your fleet will be cumbersome and sometimes a little bit stressful. We devised a web platform and a mobile application to ease our users to know where all their cars are on a single page. This way makes our users more comfortable to browse through their fleet and send commands to a car or group of cars just with a single click. Also, we added a new feature to the web platform to ease reporting through the use of specified and preprogrammed schedules.
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